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In today's digital world, your patients expect and have come to rely on easy access to healthcare information and support. DataCation Healthcare can customize a solution that will provide 24/7 patient-focused access to meet your patients and healthcare provider's needs

The Nurse Concierge Program can provide patient services such as:

Live counseling for newly diagnosed, novice, and mature patients

Disease Information:  one-on-one discussions with a registered nurse
  • Product Information:  what to expect and general questions about the treatment
  • Coverage and Financial Support Information
  • Savings Cards or Co-Pay Coupon Availability
  • Monthly Compliance/Adherence reminders for opt-in patients
  • Reminder calls to patients, prompting them to follow-up with their physicians

Exclusive patient concierge services to Concierge Program members including:

  • Dedicated 24-7 Nurse toll-free support (while under your treatment)
  • Welcome calls to each patient or caregiver to review the medication guide, outline the therapy plan, schedule doctor appointments, provide compliance reminders, and set expectations